domingo, 29 de dezembro de 2013

Lotus Evora Enduro - GTA SA

One of the most beautiful race cars IMO, the Lotus Evora Enduro. Inspired by the Lotus F1 cars, this black and gold livery was the hardest thing I've done in this project, I've passed more than 10 hours working on the livery and I tried to make it very precise. There's a new feature here, I've put a Extra. What is this? An Extra is a item that randomly appears in the car when it spawns in the game. The Extra is the original rear wing of the Evora, retired in the final project like the real Enduro and I've put it just to give a little charm ;) You can see the Extra in the fourth picture. Will it be released? I will work to make it be my first release of 2014 and like the Evora 124, to Imvehft. Aaaand, the Evora 124 was used as the base model of this beauty.

2 comentários:

  1. hey man i like your work and want to know what you do to make some of this cars. (Also the Evora Enduro GT is meh favorite car)

  2. hey master. i want to upload your mod, can i ?