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How to extract cars from Forza and work them on ZModeler

Hey, as I promised, here's a tutorial of how to extract the cars from Forza to convert using ZModeler. Let's start!
  1. Tools/Files needed to convert:
    1.1.   Ex-iso GUI
    1.2.   Forza Studio 4.1 Beta (Supports Horizon .CARBIN files)
    1.3.   wxPirs
    1.4.   Common Textures
    1.5.   Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0 Redistributable
  2. Starting with Exiso-GUI
    Run exiso-GUI, select Local Folder, click Browse and choose where you want to extract the files; click Add an ISO and select the desired ISO, and then Go!
  3. Extraction with wxPirs
    Right now, after extracting the files, you may see some folders with files with lots of numbers and letters (4d53091000000001 for example).
    Now, open wxPirs and open that weird file, after this, click Extract All and select the desired folder.
    Please note: here, my file name should be different because I'm extracting from a DLC.
    A folder called Media will appear, and inside it, you will find a #pri_65.zip file, and now you've reached the third step.
  4. A special .ZIP extraction
    Hold on, you're not going anywhere if you're trying to unpack this .ZIP file with WinRAR or something like that. That's when Forza Studio enters in the game. Open it, go to Utilities and click on Unpack Archive, select that .ZIP file and wait for the program finish the unpacking.
    After this, you will find the "wanted" .CARBIN files. Nice! Don't close Forza Studio now! You're almost there!
  5. The first look at the desired car
    Now, import the .CARBIN file on Forza Studio. Note: if you want a detailed thing, you better import the _lod0 files, these ones are the hi-poly versions of the cars. Yeah, that ones of those beautiful versions of the cars in the garage. If you choose this version, you have to import the cockpit later to pick the missing parts. If you're not wanting to make a hi-poly version (and exploding your PC), you may want to pick a LOD1 version. For that, import the normal .CARBIN. Here's a pic, showing the normal .CARBIN and the _lod0. Here, I'm using the Gumpert Apollo Enraged  and you can see on that wireframe how many polys that shit haves in the LOD0.

  6. The final extraction!
    Almost there! Now, you have to export the parts of the car ONE BY ONE. Select only one part (body, bumperFa, bumpeRa, etc.) and go clicking "Extract Selected". If you export everything at once, when importing to ZModeler, it may mess up with all the polys because of the polycount, especially if you are working on LOD0 models. The export will be on .OBJ files. What this means? HELL YEAH! We're finally going to Zmodeler! Hold on!!!! Now, you have to extract the .XDS files, these are the textures of the car. If you are working on a LOD0 model, extract the .XDS files with the suffix _lod0. Right click the texture and Save as a .PNG file, it will be WAAAY easier to work with Alpha Channels. Hold on again! Now you have to export the texture of the wheel, it is on a separated folder, find it and you're good to go.
  7. Nice to use you, ZModeler!
    Finally, you're able to open ZModeler! Import the .OBJ files and go putting the textures ONE BY ONE, yeah, you will see 50+ materials on the Materials Editor. To minimize it, try importing more than one part at a time, but be careful with the poly messing. Now, it's time to apply the specific textures of the car and that common textures of the start of the post. Here's my untextured LOD1 Apollo:
    Any questions? Feel free to ask on the comments! I will answer you as soon as I can.

    Oh, here I worked only in the DLCs, you can find them easily on those Torrent websites, so I had to skip the Exiso part. As soon as I finish downloading Forza 4 and there is one more thing on Exiso, I will be updating this post.

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