quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014


Yeah, I'm not posting and I'm not working in the Camaro for MW and my other mods. Why? Because I've started in the university (YAY!) and my PC had a problem in its motherboard. Looks like the problem  is in the graphics card but everything in my PC is onboard (my Intel GMA x4500 sucks!). It's something strange that happens, I don't know how to describe the problem, it was a pink screen with static and the PC froze. I thought it was a problem in my Windows so I started the PC and let it stand in the BIOS, but it happened again. I even made a "underclock" in my Pentium Dual-Core E5700 to 2.7 GHz (it was in its stock 3.0GHz) but nothing changed. Now I'm using my PS3 as my computer with its horrible Internet browser. I won't be able to advance in projects until I pick a new computer and I don't know when will I get a new PC. So I'm out of the mods for undetermined time.

quarta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2014

Work in Progress: Chevrolet Camaro LM Race Car - NFS MW

As you guys know, I'm with those problems (looks like this week I will finally know what will happen to me, and everything is running fine!) and I said I will post in a much slower pace. Picking some minutes here, others later and the result is this: I am making a relecture of the Chevy Camaro LM Race Car (from Gran Turismo 4 and 5 [idk if is this in GT6]) using Forza 4's Camaro 35th Anniversary and I will release it to NFS Most Wanted 2005! Yeah, I'm not crazy! My friend Greger of NFSCars is guiding me in the process and this is what the Camaro will look like:

My NFSW releases will be posted in NFSCars. My nick there is Hyper1on too, like GTAinside.