segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

It's official: I am out for undetermined time (maybe I will come back, maybe not)

Well, a lot of problems appeared together, forcing me to stay away from the GTA Modding community for a lot of time. Today I am back, but just to making it official: I won't be back for months (maybe never). The community is simply dying. Now, GTAinside is the biggest mods site out there and what do you find? Huracán, Golf, RX-7, Skyline, really heavy ENB's (some of them are beautiful), new GTA V cars,,, anyway, I mean: it's the same freaking thing over and over again, the same cars, the people desperate for notoriety with the same freaking things, without "unique" mods. At least I can tell: there was almost no one like me in the community, who shows up with real racing cars or conversions from "hard games", like NFS World (Hey, I believe I was one of the few modders in the world able to go from NFSW to GTA SA).

In a few words (or not): The community is dying and killing its members with boredom and repeated things. One day, I've downloaded some Forza 4 DLC's to put the cars on ZModeler (Man, I never imagined seeing my computer running so easily a LOD0 car), but I simply lost the feeling inside, I simply don't want to make car mods, they consume my time, and I have more important things to worry about than mods. And even worse, I've lost the HDD of my old computer. Yeah, years of mods, 2 GB of car mods and other projects simply lost because of a simple motherboard problem. No, I will NEVER try to rebuild that.

Hyper1on, out.

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