terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

Koenigsegg CCX Elite - GTA SA

So, I said the BMW M1 Procar Treasure Hunter was my first mod. Yeah, it is, but it's not my first NFS World Conversion. This Conversion is here: the Koenigsegg CCX Elite. This car have some problems with the tires, but this will be corrected soon.
Obs: Don't ask me for the mods, this blog is a showroom of the mods, I won't release any mods if I don't want to. These will be private mods, or only some friends of mine can take it. Why? I passed months making research about the geometry and the textures of the cars, I won't make public releases, because there are a lot of uploaders. These guys won't put mine credits or will say its theirs. Hope you guys understand my field of view. If you want to comment, please leave it in English or Portuguese.
Here are some photos of this Elite car:

quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

BMW M1 Procar Treasure Hunter 1.0 - GTA SA

So, this is my first mod: a BMW M1 Procar. The dff and txd files are Shad0wD's. I picked the body texture from Need for Speed World.  There was just a little problem on the mapping, but not very hard.


Hello!! I'm Hyper1on, and welcome to my blog!! Here I will post some mods.
I'm more a converter, so, seeing some conversions will be very easy on this blog.
Hope this is the start of a great blog. See ya out there!!