sábado, 7 de dezembro de 2013

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Elite - GTA SA

Woohoo, it's good to be back into the business! Let's start with the Camaro ZL1 Elite, the "Hot Wheels Dragster". I don't have many things to say about it on NFS World because I never had one. The only things I can say are: it didn't accelerate well and its top speed was insanely high for a Tier 2 car, I think, in that time, if someone make it Ultra Tuned, it would be able to reach 400km/h, I saw many guys reaching near 390km/h in this.

Oh, and another thing, now my screenshots are in HD, I finally managed to put the game in 1280x720 thanks to an ASI plugin.

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