sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

Mosler MT900S - GTA SA

One of the most beautiful cars out there in Forza 3 in my opinion is the Mosler MT900S. This is a street car with the DNA of a race car. This paintjob was done by me based on Nelson Racing's 1800 HP Mosler and this car is adapted to ImVehFt. Yes, this will be released and it's sooooo beautiful *-* Here are the pics. Beautiful, huh?

If possible I will make some research and I will try to make that style of opening the doors.

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  1. hello it's me again and I wanted to ask you to give me permission to use your car depoder ripped the world

    1. Car DEPODER? I didn't understand it, sorry ;D

  2. sorry i use one translator your cars from gta sa /unless You send me 3d´s