terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2012

Some race cars coming...

I've found some GTR2 mods and I'm converting them, these are some race cars.
The cars I want to show before posting are:
Honda NSX-R Team Kunimitsu (NSX-R LM GT2 from Gran Turismo 1):
 Venturi Atlantique 600LM (from Gran Turismo 2):
 Castrol Supra GT (from Gran Turismo 1):
This is just a little part of the cars coming to the blog, and one of them will be downloadable!!

2 comentários:

  1. Nice conversion! :)
    But one question...What about permission from original author of this models?;)

    1. These mods are old, the owners of some of them are not available to contact, I wanted to contact them, but I couldn't. These cars "without permission", I won't release, and when I post here, I will give the credits to the owner of this. I know what I'm doing is not 100% correct, but I don't have much choice, because I love these cars, they made a part of my childhood and I wanted so much to see them on GTA SA, but there are not so much guys who want to make race cars, so I wanted to do it by myself.

      By the way, the only converted car here is the Supra, the other cars are only in ZModeler.